The Offer & The Experience Course

How to nail your ongoing service offer and escape the coming disruption

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What Audere Clients Say About It

Michael & Jason Chew
Orange Wealth

"“What we thought we needed to work on, we found out wasn't what we really needed. Since then, we come to work excited about the work ahead of us and confident in the activities we're running, and we've progressed fast. One of the biggest changes is the way we interact through clients through our engagement process - the clients are much more engaged, and we can execute a lot faster than we did before”. "

"It has completely turned my thinking around about business and how we need to market to clients, particularly around attracting business and retaining business, using both traditional and digital forms of finding and retaining clients. I can not recommend it highly enough for the expertise in coaching and providing a platform for success. "

James Williamson
Millhaven Financial

"All in all, it is still about results and it's delivered, from the concept stage to the final outcomes”